Medical Director

Krista Lauer, MD

After receiving her medical degree from University of Western Ontario, Dr. Lauer’s extensive experience ranges from a successful private practice for over 18 years to most recently holding the position of associate medical director at Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield for the state of New York. Now based in Park City, Utah, Dr. Lauer will be an instrumental part of communicating with Lice Clinics of America clinic owners on both a national and international level.

“It’s a really exciting opportunity for me to bring my previous expertise and join a company that is helping people around the world deal with lice infestations. Over the years I have seen firsthand the annoyance and embarrassment lice can have on entire families, and I’m looking forward to being part of a solution,” said Dr. Lauer. “I believe Lice Clinics of America’s revolutionary and highly effective process for killing lice and their eggs is a necessity to members of the medical community, and I am thrilled to further introduce them to this technology.”

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FEBRUARY 9, 2017

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JUNE 7, 2017

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